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Rapscallion history

Rapscallion was born over several pints of Guinness in the winter of 1990 when staff and Cheese decided they'd wasted enough time playing guitar alone in one's bedrooms and they would be far better served playing in public where at least they could have their beers brought for them from the proceeds. They quickly grew into a raucous Irish drinking music band influenced by the likes of the Pogues, the Dubliners, Levellers, Waterboys etc. and soon they had added penny whistle, accordian, bass, drums, banjo, mandolin, mandola and fiddle to create their sound which evolved over the following years with over 20 musicians coming and going.


Rapscallion - Historical Picture 2


In ‘94 we won the battle of the bands in Northampton and following a couple of tours to Hamburg in '96 suffered the loss of our dear friend and guitarist Brian the Snail in 97. The band looked like it would fold when John, Joe and Eddie moved to Ireland in 98. Following a quiet period the band reformed in the early naughties to continue their tradition. In 2001 Gawaine, our original singer, rejoined and Rachel came in on guitar. After a couple of bass players, Lizard joined in 2002 and the core of three musicians, Cheese, Gawaine and Lizard remain to this day.


Rapscallion - Historical Picture


The latest incarnation developed when in 2008, with the band reduced to this core of three, began to move away from their traditional roots as individual influences came to the fore, and develop their own sound and song writing abilities without the restraints of, but drawing on, the band's traditional past with mandolin being a key instrument in many compositions and the occasional jig or reel surfacing periodically. After having several drummers come and go, including the now famous dubstep superstars of Josh (Flux Pavillion) and Shaun (Doctor P), Cheese's son Joe played for a while before Paul rejoined the fold along with Sarah on acoustic guitar and finally Donald on keyboards, adding a new dimension to the band's sound which we continue to develop.

A brief history of time 
for a pint  CURRENT LINE-UP 
﷯ Gawaine - Vocals ﷯
Cheese - Mandolin and Eclectic Guitar ﷯ Lizard - Bass ﷯
Sarah - Acoustic Guitar ﷯ Macca - Drums

﷯ Donald - Keyboards


Rapscallion, fine Northamptonshire Folk Rock

: A brief history of time for a pint

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